About K.I.M
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K.I.M was started after I suffered the painful loss of my nephew LCPL Drew L. Hughes. The despair I felt over his death, I didn’t see a way our family could go on. I had endured such a hard and difficult life as it was, and I fought so hard to survive many trauma’s throughout life’s journey but this trumped it all. I finally found my way through with a lot of self-help and support in all forms but mainly I found strength by seeing and talking to others. When I lost my Drew, I didn’t know how I would or if I could recover from the absence of his presence in my life. I truly felt many a day how I would go on. The fighting of so many obstacles to get where I was only to have to survive THIS now, I didn’t see how. I thought I would just exist to get through the rest of this life for my children and my nephew, Drew’s brother. To those of you reading this you must understand the importance of my brothers’ children in my life! However as the days passed I started thinking that Drew would not want the people he loved most to suffer like this. Despite the fact that I felt this suffering and will for the rest of my life I knew I had to be the warrior in this family especially for my children, my wonderful husband, Drew’s brother Kyle, and my brother and sister in law. I knew I just had to Keep It Moving and at that moment K.I.M the movement was born.

I want this world to know not only all about my Drew but that there is always a way out. Everything we experience in this life is temporary. Problems always have a solution no matter what the outcome of it. I feel by connecting to others who have had hard times and have come through them that they can be a source of strength and help to those who don’t have the resources and can’t see their way through. Maybe they can find strength and perseverance in relating to some of the voices of K.I.M.

I hope by reading this you can find some comfort by identifying with some of the stories you hear or read or by connecting with the people you may come across as a result of K.I.M. I feel very strongly it is our moral responsibility to help others UP when they are down! Even when we crash and burn; WE must rise and Keep It Moving!

My prayer and hope is that K.I.M reaches as many people as possible who are struggling and makes a positive difference in their life to Keep It Moving!

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. Maya Angelou